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  • How do I request tags to fill from the Tree of Sharing?
    The selection of tags is a time-honored Spokane tradition. As with so many other things impacted by COVID, sadly, this tradition is not immune. ​ This year, we are not offering tags for selection at our area malls. ​ The entire tag selection process will be done online! You will still be able to select tags by age group! To select your tags, click here and be directed to view available tags by age group!
  • I would like to 'claim' a tag from the site. What do I do next?
    Simply take note of the Tag ID number for each tag. When you're ready to 'claim' the tags, simply press the "Select Tag" button, or navigate to the "Tag Request Form". We've created a video that outlines the process in detail, inlcuding the steps to complete the Tag Request Form.
  • I submitted a Tag Request Form, but my requested tag is still visible on the site. Can someone else claim that tag?"
    Each Tag Request Form is reviewed by one of our Volunteers. Once reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your selected tags. You can expect this email within 6-8 hours of your request! All of our Tag Request Forms are timestamped, and processed in the order received. Although rare, in the event you requested a tag that is no longer available, our Volunteers might suggest a tag that matches the gift request, age, and gender of your original recepient.
  • I misplaced my Tag Confirmation Information. Can I have it re-sent?
    Of course! Requests for Tag Confirmations can be made here.
  • Should I wrap my gifts before returning them to the Tree of Sharing?
    While the sentiment of returning your gift wrapped is truly appreciated, we would request that your generous gift is returned unwrapped. Simply note the Tag Number on the gift, and we will take care of the rest!
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