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The Spokane Premera Blue Cross office is honored to dedicate their participation in the 2018 Tree of Sharing in loving memory to their friend and coworker,

Dana Reich.

Dana Reich passed away this last November after a battle with cancer.

"Dana was not only a fellow employee here at Premera, but also a loving friend, daughter and sister. She had a very kind, giving heart and was very often putting others’ needs before her own."

The Tree of Sharing, Premera, and Dana:

As Shared by Holly Werlech

"Our Tree Of Sharing charity event at Premera was started back in 2015.

We decided that instead of doing a gift exchange between employees, that we could participate in a charity event instead!


I did some research online and I came across the Tree Of Sharing and it felt perfect! So I reached out to your organization and it got kicked off from there!

Dana was a fellow employee and she was the first person to want to help me organize it and she did so for the next two years after that as well."

"She regularly participated in other charities and organizations in the Spokane area on her own time, and often seized volunteer opportunities as they became available through Premera as well.


She was active in the Big Brother/Big Sister program and would often come to work after the weekend talking about things she did with her “little sister” over the weekend.


Another activity she took much joy participating in was the Spokane Fantasy Flight where she got to bring holiday joy to many children as “Twinkle Toes” the elf, and she loved sharing her pictures and stories."

"This year, 2018, is the first year I have had to do the Tree of Sharing without her.


Dana Reich just recently passed away this last November after a battle with cancer.

Here at Premera, we would like to dedicate our Tree Of Sharing this year in Dana Reich’s Memory.


It was very difficult having to hold our event without her this year since her passing. But I think Dana would be proud of the participation, and knowing that we are continuing with this event to give back to the community during the holiday season."

There are those who bring a light so bright to this world, that even after they are gone...

their light remains.

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