Since 1982, the Spokane Tree of Sharing has ensured the "often forgotten" members of our community receive a gift each holiday season. But we cannot do it alone.

Help us make the holidays a little brighter for over 8,000 members of our Spokane community. 


In the face of a global pandemic, the need this year is greater than ever. 

Join us as we adopt new avenues to keep everyone safe and turn this corner together as a community, with new options that make sharing the spirit of the holidays a snap!

Online Gift Tags

Closed for the Season!

This year, all tags will be managed online! Search by age group, gender identity and more!


Amazon Smile

Closed for the Season!

Shop curated Agency Gift Requests and have the gifts automatically shipped to the Tree of Sharing Warehouse!


PayPal Donation

Available Now!

PayPal Donations allow you to securely place a donation that will directly support families in our Community.

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Select A Gift Tag

The selection of tags is a time-honored Spokane tradition. As with so many other things impacted by COVID, sadly, this tradition is not immune.

This year, we are not offering tags for selection at our area malls.

The entire tag selection process will be done online! You will still be able to select tags by age group!

Closed for the Season!
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PayPal Donations

The Tree of Sharing is proud to offer PayPal Services, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your donations are directly supporting families in our Community.


With PayPal, you can create a one-time donation to our 501c3 organization, or create a recurring gift to donate throughout the year.

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Amazon Smile

The Tree of Sharing has been able to join Amazon Smile- an incredible program where a percentage of your purchase is matched by a donation from Amazon!


Partner Agencies have created Amazon Wish Lists. You can browse the lists, select a gift, and have it automatically delivered to our Warehouse! Plus,  a percentage of your purchase is donated back to the Tree of Sharing!

Closed for the Season